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Day 2 - 39 days to 39

Nutrition and Supplements:
Day 2 of 3 days of my mini cleanse. No starches and no fruits for those three days. My brain chemistry will appreciate it.

5 oz Ground Beef
Nutek: Natures Fruits

5 oz Tilapia
Nutek: Natures Greens and Natures Fuel

Pre Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport
Post Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport
Lean Ground Beef and Green Beans

Nutek: Natures EFA
3 Egg Whites and 1 Whole Egg
2 Cups of Broccoli

Workout 2 of 39 with Craig Capruso
This was the best use of failure I have ever tried.
Always lift maximum weight.
Shoulders using Heavy Volume training program.
Heavy Volume goes like this.
- Pick a weight for the first set that you can get 15, but maybe not 16 reps.
- This should be your weight for all sets.
- Follow multiple sets until failure until you hit the desired number of reps (ex. 100).
- Most likely you'll need 3 minutes rest between sets.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
100 reps (Heavy Volume)

Superset 1
Standing Front Barbell Raise (EZ Bar)
4 sets of 12 reps
Lateral Dumbbell Raise
4 sets of 12 reps

Superset 2
Upright Barbell Row
4 sets of 12 reps
Rear Delts
4 sets of 15-20 reps

I know its only day 2 but I am really loving my 39 days to 39 so far.....kick ass!!!