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Day 3 - 39 days to 39

Nutrition and Supplements:
Day 3 of 3 days of my mini cleanse. No starches and no fruits for those three days. My brain chemistry will appreciate it.

4 Egg Whites and 1 Whole Egg
1 cup Broccoli
Nutek: Natures Fruits

5 oz Lean Ground Beef
Salad with Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions and Green Bell Peppers
Nutek: Natures Greens and Natures Fuel

Pre Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport
Post Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport
Lean Ground Beef and Green Beans

Nutek: Natures EFA
3 Egg Whites and 1 Whole Egg
2 Cups of Broccoli

Workout 3 of 39 with Sati Ah
Today was all about mental and physical flexibility.
1 hour and 45 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga
This is a very powerful and difficult form of yoga designed to stretch and strengthen the body and mind.
It is a systematic approach designed to elongate and strengthen the body using a set sequence of poses.

Its day 3 and I am still in love with my 39 days to 39 so far.....kick ass!!!