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Day 6 - 39 days to 39

Todays 39 to 39 is day 6 - Power Yoga with Vytas

Training: 1 hour and 15 minutes of Power Yoga with Vytas. This yoga class was a mix between traditional Ashtanga Yoga, Kest's Power Yoga, and a little bit of general fitness with a yoga flare. It was instructionally dynamic, challenging and mind clearing; and the environment (from the room to the people I am surrounded by) was perfect. The room was packed full of a variety of yoga styles and levels  and they pushed me in a way nothing else ever has. By the end I was completely drenched with sweat, felt energized, and at peace with myself and the world around me. Oh and the best part is not only was my mind flexible but body was too. I think Vytas' quote explains it best for me, "Try dropping out of the rat race for a mere hour and a half. Leave that insanity at the door and join us." I think every single competitor can relate.

 Vytas, thank you for what you do for me and so many others.....

Nutrition & Supplements: Medium Calorie Day. Im on a metabolic confusion plan of 2 low calorie days, followed by a medium calorie day and then a high calorie day.

Meal 1 - 5 Egg Whites, 1/4 cup Brown Ric, 3/4 cup Mixed Berries -Baked
S: Nutek Natures Greens and EFA's

Meal 2 - 1 Scoop ForzaOne Whey Protein Powder, 1 EggWhite and 1 TBSP Coconut Oil.

S: Pre Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport

S: Post Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport

Meal 3 - 5oz flank steak, and 2 cups green beans
S: Nutek Natures Greens and Natures Fuel

Meal 4 - 5 oz Flank Steak, Big Salad, 1 tbsp coconut oil.
Supplements: Nutek EFA's