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Day 9 - 39 days to 39

Todays 39 days to 39 is day 9, Spinning with Lisa Kammel.

Note: My 39 days to 39 are in addition to my regular daily workouts and cardio.

Training: 1 hour of spinning (indoor cycling) with Lisa Kammel. Lisa is the co-owner with her husband of Executive Fitness in Long Beach, CA. This was one of the best spinning classes I have ever taken. Her class used great music and RPM training is a great alternative cardio approach for somebody like me that has a very high level of condition.

Nutrition & Supplements: Today was the beginning of my 4 day nutrition rotation, Low Calorie day and only 4 meals.

Meal 1 - 5 Egg Whites, 3/4 cup Butternut Squash, 1 medium apple -Baked
S: Nutek Natures Greens and EFA's

Meal 2 - beef bowl, cabbage and green veggies, no rice no sauce

S: Pre Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport

S: Post Workout - Forzaone BCAA Sport

Meal 3 - 4 Egg Whites, and 3/4 cup butternut squash
S: Nutek Natures Greens and Natures Fuel

Meal 4 - ForzaPro Whey Protein, 1 Egg White, 2 TBSP coconut oil
S: Nutek Natures EFA's