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UNLEASHED Program - Cheat Meals vs. Open Food Days

 There are no such things as cheat meals on a healthy eating program. We are not committing to only eating healthy 6 days per week and then eating crap on day 7. That would not be a healthy eating program. The problem with that strategy is that it is very destructive to brain chemistry. It takes your brain chemistry a minimum of 10 days for addictive thoughts and cravings to subside, so if you eat a cheat meal every 7 days you never truly clean up that brain chemistry and it causes cravings and hunger throughout the week. This then results in thinking about that cheat meal all week long and binging behavior when you do finally indulge in it. Again, this is not to say that you will never eat the foods that you love ever again but they will be saved for “Special Occasions” rather than weekly cheat meals.

Instead of cheat meals I have developed “Open Food Days”. Sundays are an “Open Food” Day. You will eat only healthy options from the meal plan below or grocery list but quantities and timing of meals do not matter. This is a great day to eat out at restaurants, but this is not a cheat meal. It is still something healthy selected from the list of foods below. There are some additional foods on the grocery list like nuts and avocados that are available on Sundays Only.