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Just Another Day in the Life

February 10 - Facebook
I have an amazing modeling opportunity in Vegas March 4th, and they contacted me today for a body check. This is why we need to stay photo ready year round. I will wake up in the AM and send them pics; and they will see that I am dependable and ready for any job.
Somebody said to me a long time ago that I will marry a man like my father. At that time I thought that was very scarey. Now I would be the luckiest girl on the planet if that happened. So, from your mouth to Gods ears. My father is not perfect but he is the greatest man I have ever met. He has character, compassion, love, strength...
Today I am cardio only and active recovery. I feel really good. My workouts are completely on track and my diet is perfect. I have a photoshoot on the 28th for 2 new projects I am working on that will be unreal.