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The Road to Natalie Minh

My big photoshoot with the Amazing Natalie Minh is on next Tuesday....first cut of the season. This will be very interesting. I start my prep week, peek week, prep tomorrow. can't wait to see what this body looks like.
Quickly approaching day 1 of my deplete. I have two more 16 oz waters to go to hit 2 gallons. I have one more meal of Pot Roast cooked in coconut oil and garlic salt. I have a coat of tanner that needs to go on!!! First big deplete of the season for a photoshoot with the amazing Natalie Minh on Tuesday, with special guest star (fit over forty) Jay Campbell as my wing man
Day 2 of my deplete with my partner in crime jay campbell for our photoshoot with the amazing Natalie minh. 2 gallons of water, ground beef cooked in the crock pot with coconut oil and garlic salt, and 45 minutes on the spin bike this am and total body weight deplete tonight. getting it done

Today is day 2 of my carb load for my shoot with Natalie Minh tomorrow. my body is exactly where I want it. It is so funny to me that stage ready and photo ready are so different; that I have to keep reminding myself of this all the time. this is the first cut of the season and I am exactly where I want to be. todays meals consist of mostly tilapia and grapefruit with a little bit of sweet potato mixed in.

Today is the day of my big shoot with Natalie Minh. I woke up this am and had some banana chips, for the sugar and the fat....then will sip on water all day. Need to stay tight but just want to curb the hunger and the weakness in my legs. I am so excited. I am so pleasantly surprised by my physique. The hard work in the off season really paid off. I am also happy cause it is my first deplete of the season and it will be really amazing come August for the WBFF World Championships. I am proud to say that I have and always will be Drug Free....not even a diuretic or a fat burner.

Yesterday was my big shoot with Natalie Minh at Metroflex gym. We got some really cool and amazing shots....Some of the them fun, some of them gritty and some of them pretty. What an amazing experience on so many levels